Recycled IT Equipment

Recycled IT equipment helps to solve more problems than most people know of. Electronic waste, or e-waste, is one of the most common problems that occur when personal technology becomes obsolete. Although most people don’t really consider the ramifications of leaving old tech on the curb, when the landfills become saturated with old phones, computers, and printers, their materials create a hazard for the environment.

The team at RetirePC does our part to preserve the environment through the practice of electronic recycling. Many people don’t realize that their old equipment can actually live on after they’re done with it. Find out what really happens when you surrender old IT equipment the safe way.

Most of Your Recycled IT Equipment is Salvageable!

From computers to printers, electronics of all types have the ability to be recycled for future use. One of the biggest materials farmed from your old tech is plastic. All plastics in your computers and electronics are flame-retardant. This makes these materials reusable for future technology products.

Even the metal found in equipment finds a home in manufacturing facilities across the U.S. Naturally extracting these materials would be costly, so recycling electronics is a smart, efficient way to benefit your community.

Can Everything Get Recycled?

The recycling process involves a shredding and separation aspect that makes it impossible for everything to be eligible for reuse. Even though cell phones are some of the most popular electronics that are recycled, they aren’t safe for the shredders used at recycling plants.

Rechargeable batteries and printer cartridges are two electronic items that actually have a high probability of exploding in recycling shredders.

Why Does Recycling Matter?

Aside from the environmental benefits of reducing E-waste at your local dump, there are several reasons why you should consider sending off old equipment to a licensed recycling company.

  • Recycling computers actually conserves natural resources;
  • Recycling supports your community through refurbishment;
  • Electronic recycling creates jobs.

Instead of letting your old IT equipment take up space on your shelf once it’s replaced, find a new meaning for its existence through recycling.

Recycle Your Retired IT Equipment With RetirePC

When you recycle your old IT equipment, you are taking a stand against e-waste in your community. You are also ensuring that all of your secured data and information saved on your equipment has been properly disposed of through our data destruction services. Trust us when we say that no dump can offer you this security.

If you know it’s time to say goodbye to your obsolete equipment, reach out to us to find out more about the benefits of recycling with RetirePC.


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