Top Benefits of Electronics Recycling

At RetirePC, we love to promote the action of recycling one’s older or out-of-commission electronics. While we understand that most people realize that recycling is great for the environment, we feel that there are some specifics that everyone should know that really bring the point home for the importance of recycling.

Let’s delve deeper into 5 key reasons why the world needs electronics recycling and how RetirePC helps you improve your local environment.

Fewer Landfills is Always Beneficial to the Environment

Landfills may be useful places for standard garbage to rot away. However, in many instances electronics and other items that shouldn’t be left in a landfill become a part of one.

Recycling electronics helps save valuable space in landfills and helps prevent the spread of toxins like methane, mercury, lead, and other environmental hazards that e-waste creates.

Aside from keeping landfills cleaner, electronic recycling also prevents the clutter of landfills and mitigates the need to create more as limited space fills up.

E-Waste is One of the Worst Forms of Air Pollution

Although electronics may be helpful in our everyday lives, once they’re left to waste they become a direct cause of local air pollution. E-waste from landfills that rises up into the environment leads to the spread of harmful chemicals in the air that can have extremely negative effects on the human respiratory system.

All it takes is a haze of contaminated air in a local environment for people to easily inhale it and become impacted by mercury, cadmium, and other toxins in the long term.

Electronics recycling puts old electronics back to good use without the threat of any e-waste making its way into the air we breathe.

Electronic Recycling Protects the Ecosystem

Not only does e-waste have a massive impact on the Earth’s air quality, but it also directly affects the surrounding ecosystem on the ground. When electronics are tossed in a landfill to waste away, their toxins can also make their way into the soil and groundwater of a landfill’s surrounding environment.

Turning in electronics to an R2 Certified recycling facility helps prevent the threats that this type of e-waste poses to sea and land organisms that rely on healthy soil and water for sustenance.

Recycling Protects Natural Resources

Electronics are pieces of equipment that are crafted from valuable materials that include limited natural resources. Oil, iron, gold, copper, and other natural resources rest within our valuable electronics.

Unfortunately, these resources will eventually run out if they are constantly collected to create new electronics. Recycling electronics helps break down old cell phones, computers, hard drives, and more, into “new” materials for new electronic products. This directly saves the environment by mitigating the need for farm-specific resources to create new electronics.

Recycling Has Economic Advantages

Everyone around the world loves to save money where they can. Recycling electronics helps to create a valuable opportunity for consumers to do so on new electronics.

Not only does the creation of recycled products expend less energy and resources, but it also reduces the production cost of goods, which in turn should make recycled products as a whole, more affordable for consumers.

Do Your Part to Save the Environment With RetirePC

If you’re part of an organization that is ready to do its part for the environment with its outdated electronics, RetirePC is here to help! We are a team of R2 Certified recycling professionals that specialize in safe practices, total data destruction, and helping our customers make a profit off of their recyclables.

Contact us to learn more about our process or to schedule your first recycling pickup or drop-off with RetirePC.

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